Fakhteh Ensemble

Fakhteh is an Iranian traditional music group by Reza Mousavizadeh, the director and composer of the band, in 1992.

They have performed more than 400 impressive and highly-acclaimed concerts in Tehran and other provinces of Iran, as well as in other countries such as China, North-Korea, South-Korea (2003 Festival), Russia٫ Belarus (2005 Festival), Italy, South Ireland, Turkey, Qatar, Hong Kong, Mexico (International Festival of 2004), Kazakhstan and Spain.

Members of the ensemble have always taken and will always take it upon themselves to represent Iran as cultural ambassadors in any domestic or international cultural event.

Presence of the band in so many popular festivals such as South Korea's j'onjoy and Mexico's servantin, the biggest music event in South America was among the successes of the band.

Performing more than 9 concerts in servantin's festival in 2004, the band grabbed the attention of the people Mexico and was chosen among the other 56 present band.

Fixed members of the ensemble are:

Reza Mousavizadeh (Tar and SeTar), Pejhman Parsmehr (Santor), Mehdi Teymorri (Nei), Amir Hossein Nematolahi (Kamanche), Morteza Khodabakhshi (Tar) and Keyvan Ali Mohammadi (Daf), Reza Jahani Babayi (Tar).

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