Reza Mousavizadeh

Was born (in February 1970) and bred in an art-loving family in which the Iranian traditional music was deemed to be the zenith of all arts. In 1983, under the supervision of his elder brother, he made his way through Mohammad Reza Lotfi's classes (Mr. Lotfi is a renowned TAR virtuoso and composer).

Following that, to pursue his career, he found it highly imperative to take lessons from other veteran musicians such as Mr.Hossein Alizadeh (from 1987 to 1995), and Mr.Majid Kiani (From 1990 to 1992). And Mr. Dariush Talaee (from 1993 to 1996).

Sitting at the feet of the unrivaled grand master of KAMANCHEH in Iran – Mr. Ali Asghar Bahari – for six years (from 1990 to 1997) is indubitably the acme of honor in his life. His fervent interest in AVAAZ (an impromptu, lyrical song with no rhythmic beats) urged him to enjoy the company of another master Mr. Rambod sodaif (in 1990) and fortunately he has maintained this companionship till now.

Incontrovertibly, another point of honor in his life is to have sat at the feet of another unique and sagacious virtuoso vocalist - Dr.Hossein Omoomi - (From 1995 to 2003).

He also benefited a lot from other masters such as Mr. Ahmad Ebrahimi, Mr. Manouchehr Homayounpour and Mr. Mehdi Fallah who gave him invaluable instructions concerning the esthetic aspect of AVAAZ and also conjoining music and lyrics.

He embarked on his professional career as a TAR player in different ensembles such as Darvak Eghbal, Dariush and the Youth Orchestra of the Music center which culminated in formation of his own ensemble "Fakhteh" in 1992, in which he acts as a composer, supervisor and TAR player.

Since …. he has also been cooperating with the a few cultural institutions including Sureh University. He founded "Ayeen Fakhteh" music center in 2005 and has also cooperated with IRIB cultural networks, especially Farhang (culture) network and a program called "Neyestan" as a connoisseur, host and producer.

It is also worth mentioning that in 2003 he was granted a plaque of commendation together with a prize by the Ministry of Islamic Culture and Guidance.


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